20 short years

This year marks 20 years since I started my first rock band ever. My friend, Greg Axelrad, and I called ourselves “Umbrella Sauce”.

We played covers from Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Megadeath, Metallica, Pearl Jam, and any other band from the early 90’s that had their guitar tabs in Guitar World or Bass Player Magazine. Band practices consisted of arguing over what songs we should play (since I played bass, I always wanted to play Chili Peppers and Primus, while Greg was always trying to get me to learn Dream Theater), watching Headbanger’s Ball (back when they had music videos on Mtv), eating Pizza Hut, drinking our weight in Pepsi, and watching live Van Halen and Chili Peppers videos on VHS.

I had a short scale bass I bought from my friend Sammy Shulman for fifty bucks, and played through my mom’s ghetto blaster. My dad was/is somewhat of an electronics nerd, so we had various cables laying around the house. I spliced a 1/4″ cable (what you use to plug a guitar in) with an RCA cable (what you use to plug things into ghetto blasters). I didn’t know how to use a soldering iron, so I just wrapped the connections up as tight as I could and used electrical tape to keep the wires from touching each other…pretty fancy stuff.

We played our first and only gig at the BHMS 6th grade talent show. We got this kid on our basketball team, Mike Brown, (who had the most amazing mullet) to play drums, and our favorite teacher, Mr. Pagnanni to sing for us. We played Lithium by Nirvana, and I Could Have Lied by the Chili Peppers.

I remember Greg and I were at the mall about a week before the big talent show, and some hip looking older lady came up to us and said, “You kids look cool! Have you ever thought about starting a band?” Well hot corn!! We told her about the amazing show we were going to play the next week, and it turns out she worked as a talent agent or something like that. She gave us her card, and promised to come to best casino reviews the talent show and turn us into rock stars! Of course she never showed. That small experience really stuck with me though, and I think about it every time anyone “talks the talk” or starts making promises and flashing business cards or name dropping or anything like that.

So much has happened with bands and music since i was twelve, and even though it’s been 20 years, every day when I wake up it still feels like the journey is just beginning:)


“New York City” now on iTunes!

Howdy!!! I know I’ve posted this video before, but the high quality audio is now available for download on iTunes! I’m currently in the middle of recording the studio versions of this and a handful of other new songs too! The studio versions will be full productions with lots of pop-tastic ear-candy!!!! Enjoy!–

New Video!

Last week while Meggi was out of town for work, I decided to make a quick video for a song I recently wrote about a friend of mine. I thought, “Hey, I’ll just put up a camera, bring a couple mics up from the studio, and sync it up on imovie! No big deal!”. I found a cool angle to shoot from, hanging the camera from a lamp with one of those crazy octopus-looking tripods. Then I grabbed 2 of my favorite mics, (my Manley Tube Reference, and my Shure SM7) and plugged them into my cheap little M-Audio interface that plugs into my Mac Book. After doing a quick practice run, I found out that the camera I was using runs out of batteries after about 3 and a half minutes of filming. Basically, if I screwed up at all through the song, I had to wait for the camera to charge before I tried again. I got really frustrated and felt a lot of pressure. It was getting pretty late, and you can hear EVERYTHING from outside our house. I had turned off the AC in the house because the fan was real loud, and earlier that day, our refrigerator quit working, so I went to the corner store for a “refreshment break”. Then I sat down, and hammered out this video 1st take. There are things I would have liked to fix or do differently, but under the circumstances, I think it turned out to be just exactly what it needed to be.

The next day, my good buddy, Ryan, came over and helped me get things a little cooler looking in imovie. I ended up just leaving the beginning and end exactly as it was (no cropping the beginning or end or anything like that). Now I have a youtube account, maybe I’ll make more videos like this as I’m writing songs this summer.

Opening for Hellogoodbye

Title: Opening for Hellogoodbye
Location: The Complex SLC
Description: I’m opening for Hellogoodbye! Tickets are marked at $15, but you can get them from me personally for $13! I’ll have them with me at shows, or send me a facebook message and we can meet up!
Date: 2011-07-23