Had a great day today. First I met the guys in Forever is for Now to chat about their new project. It was awesome! They have some great pop/rock songs that I’m excited about working on. Those guys are YOUNG too, which is real cool. It’s really refreshing to be around new young guns who are really excited about their new recording. I’m hearing a lot of cool production ideas as they’re playing me their new material. Definitely gonna bring back some old Beach Boys production influence in there with some modern flare…gonna be cool.

After hanging with those guys for a while, I cruised over to Golden Ticket (Charlie Buckett’s place) and hung out and did my thing with Adjacent to nothing while they were tracking drums (check out a video of Craig in the Rigby Road Studios section). Craig’s super solid and nails most of their tracks first or second take…pretty nuts. Buckett and I are tag-teaming this project, meaning he’s tracking the drums, guitars and bass, then he gives me the tracks and I produce Mike on vocals, and do some post-production work and do the mixing and mastering. I pop in for the rest of tracking every so often just to give my 2 cents on production, and to get the party started! BLAM! Their 1st song turned out pretty rad. there’s an MP3 snippet of it also in the Rigby Road section.

Gonna hang with Meggi now and un-wind…g’night inter-verse!