It was great hanging out in Utah County tonight. My friends in Var Sequence played with Chance Lewis and a couple other touring bands I know. It was really cool to hang out with the Rob, Ryan, and Chance, and at the same time not have to load any gear or stress out about how I promoted the show or how I played or anything like that. Chance opened up and TORE THE ROOF off the sucka! It was so cool to see him so confidant in a different element. He’s doing hip hop stuff, and it’s really intelligent and well put together…and entertaining too! I’ll be excited if we get to do a track together.

Var Sequence was sooooo cool too! I got to produce a few tracks with Erik (lead singer and primary songwriter) a few months back. It was their first show with that line up, and they played like old pros. The Rob and Ryan played drums and bass, and they friggin’ killed it. So proud I got to be in a band with those guys. Erik is having twins any day now, and his wife, who looked like she was gonna pop any day, was shooting video on her iphone. I asked them to email some of it, and if they do, I’ll post it up so y’all can see how rad it was.

Anyway, first legit post, and I’m out. G’night-