Last week while Meggi was out of town for work, I decided to make a quick video for a song I recently wrote about a friend of mine. I thought, “Hey, I’ll just put up a camera, bring a couple mics up from the studio, and sync it up on imovie! No big deal!”. I found a cool angle to shoot from, hanging the camera from a lamp with one of those crazy octopus-looking tripods. Then I grabbed 2 of my favorite mics, (my Manley Tube Reference, and my Shure SM7) and plugged them into my cheap little M-Audio interface that plugs into my Mac Book. After doing a quick practice run, I found out that the camera I was using runs out of batteries after about 3 and a half minutes of filming. Basically, if I screwed up at all through the song, I had to wait for the camera to charge before I tried again. I got really frustrated and felt a lot of pressure. It was getting pretty late, and you can hear EVERYTHING from outside our house. I had turned off the AC in the house because the fan was real loud, and earlier that day, our refrigerator quit working, so I went to the corner store for a “refreshment break”. Then I sat down, and hammered out this video 1st take. There are things I would have liked to fix or do differently, but under the circumstances, I think it turned out to be just exactly what it needed to be.

The next day, my good buddy, Ryan, came over and helped me get things a little cooler looking in imovie. I ended up just leaving the beginning and end exactly as it was (no cropping the beginning or end or anything like that). Now I have a youtube account, maybe I’ll make more videos like this as I’m writing songs this summer.